Flash Decompiler Trillix App Reviews

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Is this the newest version?

I just bought this today but it doesn't match the screenshots on their website and this version doesn't seem to work properly. Using Mountain Lion and it won't let me choose a destination folder to extract to. I do have a support ticket submitted so hopefully they get back to me real soon.

Indispensable when you need it

This app may be something of a "one-trick pony", but when you need it, you NEED it. It works exactly as described. You can open up a SWF and either extract its elements or save it back as a source FLA. I used it on an old preloader built in CS4 and it performed flawlessly. In terms of price, I think $80 (non-sale) is a bit high. But at $40 (current sale) it's very much worth it. Since it saved me the time of actually having to recreate the aforementioned preloader from scratch, in the end I saved money by buying it.

Excellent Application

This application is a great tool to break down swfs into it's components and furthermore to create a source fla. Huge help for those clients that don't have the original source files anymore. Interface is also easy to use and understand.

thank goodness for sales...

$80? you have to be kidding. way to go with the door in the face technique. it worked. not to be a total jerk, ill note this application is really beautiful and proffessional. im willing to put up $20 for that.

Great Mac SWF Decompiler

I used the decompiler to rescue the source of a number of SWF files, and had no problems to speak of. The decompiled source files are as good as they can get. The app itself is very Mac-ish, unlike the other major contender of decompilers. Worth noting that the Mac App Store version cannot process password-protected SWFs. The version sold directly by the developer can. I also had issues decompiling to the XFL format, but that may not be Trillix's fault. I haven't had much luck with XFLs in general.

Pretty amazing

I'm no computer programmer, so to me an application which can take SWF files and convert them back to FLA files is pretty amazing. In the little time I've used it, it's given me great insight to the Flash file, with very little effort.

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